Dealing With A Premature Baby

Discovering that you are pregnant is indeed one of lives most special moments because that moment and the nine months that follow are filled with so many dreams and aspirations for what your new life is going to be. Most mother’s to be and fathers to be spend those months leading up to their due date dreaming of the amazing moment when they will meet their new baby, wondering what she or he is going to be like and of course making big plans for their baby’s day of arrival however, if the baby decides to come out early, these dreams and aspirations can come crashing down in a second. Having a premature delivery and a premature baby can be one of life’s scariest experiences and often, these new parents can be extremely traumatized by the entire sequence of events but there are a few things that you will need to do to make yourself strong for your baby.

Remain calm

It is important for you to keep in mind that we live in a world where there is the most modern and advanced of medicine available to us at our finger tips and therefore it is important at this point to have faith in the doctors who are handling your case. Your baby if born too early will be likely to be placed in an infant incubator which will protect and keep your baby safe until he or she is actually ready to face the world. This incubators will resemble and simulate the conditions of your womb to keep your baby feeling safe and secure.

Nicu kangaroo care is another technique that your hospital or your doctor may have you try which includes skin to skin contact between the mother and the baby which will help the baby in many ways. Of course, this technique may not always be necessary and will only be dependent on particular cases.

It is important for you to try to remain during this time and trust in the doctors. Your baby shares a very strong connection and bond with you at this point and any negative feelings that you have will be transferred to your baby and therefore it is vital for you to remain positive for your baby. It can often be very difficult for the new parent to deal with a premature birth and it can be emotionally draining however, it is vital that you remain positive for your baby and read up as much as you can on dealing with a premature baby.